How Can I Find Dallas Apartments That Take Pets?

For most of us, our pets are an important part of our family. We want our 4 legged friend to be happy with our new apartment also. But sometimes pet owners run into roadblocks finding pet friendly apartments in Dallas, just because of any of the following possible situations:

  • You have a LARGE pet, such as a dog over 50 pounds, and most apartments have weight restrictions
  • You have more than 2 pets, and most apartments will only allow 2
  • You are looking for Dallas pet friendly apartments that have an enclosed on-site dog park and are they are not easy to find.
  • The pet deposits are too expensive, and now some apartments are even charging monthly "pet rent" in addition to the deposit.
  • You want an apartment complex that has nearby walking trails or is located next to a park so you have a convenient place to walk your dog, but you don't even know where to start looking.
  • Your dog is a certain breed that most apartments will not allow because they consider it an “aggressive breed” or “restricted breed”. For instance, some of these restricted breeds typically include: Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Alaskan Malamute, Boxers, etc.

Since Dallas has over 4000 different apartment communities, it would take a person forever to call each community one at a time to ask if they can work with your particular situation. You will also be discouraged because if you have any of the above unique circumstances, most apartments will turn you away. However, it is NOT impossible to find those pet friendly apartments in Dallas.

Whatever you do, don't consider even for a moment the possibility of getting rid of your 4 legged family member! He or she has come to trust and depend on you to take care of them, through good times and bad.

But what possible options do you have? You can call an experienced Dallas Apartment Locating Company such as us! With over 20 years of Locating experience in the DFW area, we are completely familiar with all of the apartments in Dallas that are pet friendly. I am a big animal lover myself and have dogs and cats of my own.

There are pet friendly apartments in Dallas that will take more than 2 pets. There are properties that have NO weight limits on pets, so even if your dog weighs well over 100 pounds it is okay. There are more and more properties that are seeing the value of building an on-site dog park where you can let your dog off leash to run and play each and every day if you like. There are some apartments that are more affordable than others when it comes to pet deposits. I can tell you exactly how much each apartment charges before you even go to visit the property or consider them as an option. I also can tell you which apartments have walking trails or a park nearby. I even know which properties are more flexible than others when it comes to certain restricted breeds. There are properties spread out all over DFW that allow ALL breeds.

It's true that if you have a particularly difficult situation, your options are going to be more limited. You cannot just go to any apartment property. You will have to choose from among the ones that will work with your situation. Does this mean you have to live in the ghetto? Absolutely not! Some of the best Dallas apartments will work with your situation. But you may have to be willing to drive just a little bit further back and forth to work, or you may have to be flexible on some of those amenities or features you were hoping to get. But at least you and your furry friend will be together happy still, and you wont have the pain of conscience from knowing that you put your little loving friend out of your family.

Let me get started right away helping you find the best pet friendly apartments in Dallas.

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