How To Find The Best Dallas Apartment

Searching for the best apartment in Dallas that matches you and your lifestyle can be time consuming and very frustrating. You may even think that you found a good apartment just to find out too late that there was a better one, at a better price, just around the corner. But with over 3000 different apartment properties in Dallas, finding the one that meets your requirements for space, view, rent amount, neighborhood, security and location can be like looking for a needle in a haystack unless you have outside assistance from someone who is an expert on Dallas apartments. You need an experienced Dallas Apartment Locator on your side. But even before you call your Apartment Locator, there are some steps you can take to make the search go more smoothly. After all, the Locator is going to have to ask you some questions to determine what apartments are the best fit for you. Here are some suggestions to follow so that when you call your Apartment Locator, you will have a better idea of what you need:

1. First, establish what your budget is and what amount in rent you need to stay under. In order to qualify for a Dallas apartment, your monthly income must be at least three times whatever your monthly rent will be. So, if your rent is $800, for example, then you must be able to show proof to the apartments that you have an income of $2400 a month or more. This proof can be in the form of paycheck stubs. If you are relocating to Dallas because of a job transfer or you will be starting a brand new job, then all the Dallas apartments usually require for verification is just a “Hire Letter” from the new company, stating when you will begin employment and the amount of income you will be receiving. The letter should be on a company letterhead and signed by the HR department, owner of company, or upper management. Most apartments will verify the proof of income that you provide.

2. Secondly, it would be good to define what special needs or requirements you may want or need in your new apartment. For example, do you have pets? Do you prefer covered parking, an attached private garage, parking garage, or covered parking? Do you want certain amenities such as a fitness center, or a dog park, or access gates? Do you want a certain floor (first, second, etc) or a certain view? Do you need a bedroom large enough for a king size bed? A bathroom with a jacuzzi garage? Do you want a 2 story townhome apartment so that there are no neighbors above or below you? Or do you prefer an upscale high rise? Classify which features are definite musts for your new apartment, and which features would just be nice to have, but aren't deal breakers.

3. Last of all, decide which areas of Dallas you want to live in. You might want to consider such factors as: how close you want to be from your job (how many miles or how many minutes away), how close you want to be from other family members, schools or colleges, nightlife, or any other particular locations of importance, is there a particular school district that you want to be located within, etc. You can give your Apartment Locator zip codes, or city names such as: Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Irving, Downtown Dallas, Far North Dallas, Frisco, etc. Or you can give your Locator the address of the location you want to stay located nearby. If you are new to Dallas and unfamiliar with the city, then your Locator can make some recommendations to help guide you.

Once you have narrowed down the price range you need, the special features and amenities you want, and the area you are looking for, then all that is left to find the best apartment in Dallas is to contact me! I will take it from there and put together a custom list of all the best apartments Dallas has to offer, based on your particular requirements. I will email you the resulting list, along with pictures, floorplans, maps, and all the apartment details and inside information on the most highly recommended properties. Don’t take a chance in missing out on the best apartments Dallas has to offer, and perhaps choosing one that you will later regret. Let the Dallas experts help you find the best apartment.

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