Why Use An Apartment Locating Service?

There are many reasons to enlist the help of an experienced Apartment Locating Company in finding your next rental home. Most clients enjoy our services because of the time we save them in their search and because of our expertise and knowledge of the best apartments in Dallas as well as the best values. After all, since our services are at no charge, why WOULDN'T anyone accept the help of an experienced Apartment Locating company such as ours? The number of apartments in Dallas can be quite overwhelming, with over 3000 communities, and a person can spend a lot of time and gas driving around trying to visit as many of them as possible, only to be frustrated because they can't find exactly what they are needing and wanting. Avoid the frustration and let us guide you to the best Dallas apartments!

At J. Ellis, we have information on all of those 3000 properties. Many of them you would never even know about if you were looking by yourself. And how long would it take you to visit all 3000 properties on your own? How many of them would have NO openings available and would have been a wasted trip? Isn't it likely that whichever one you DID end up picking, there was probably a better one out there that you just didn't know about? We take the guessing out of the game and do all the leg work for you.....combing our database to find the perfect match for you.
Other clients come to us for help because of their special circumstances. Do any of the following situations apply to you:

  • You are a first time renter
  • You have less than perfect credit
  • You have a broken lease or an eviction on your past rental history
  • Your income is not easy to verify (perhaps you are in between jobs or you are self employed)
  • You have a pet that most apartments will not accept
  • You are looking for something VERY specific with your rental home (such as a very specific location, or with very specific amenities)

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